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  1. Regular Meeting:  The percentage of scouts attending the meeting multiplied by ten is the number of points awarded to the patrol.

1.1.   BONUS AWARD:  If everyone in the patrol attends the meeting, two additional points will be award.

  1. 2.      Camping Trips or Activities:  2 pts. will be awarded for each scout present.

2.1.   BONUS AWARD:  2 pts. will be given to the patrol with the most scouts attending.



  1. 1.      There will be five parts to each inspection: shirt, pants/shorts, neckerchief, slide, and patches in their appropriate places.  1 pt. will be deducted for each missing part of the uniform.  [NOTE:  Patrol Leaders will submit points to Patrol Points Coordinator (“PPC”) with sheet totaling numbers and deductions]

Attendance is crucial!



  1. 2 pts. to be awarded for each merit badge a scout receives at a Court of Honor.
  2. 2.      3 pts. Earned for any other official BSA awards, including rank advancement.



  1. 3 pts. awarded for external patrol meetings in which at least 4 patrol members attend.



  1. 1.      5 pts. awarded to anyone that recruits a new member to Troop 5 (Scoutmaster to officiate)



  1. 1 pt. will be awarded to every member of the setup patrol that arrives on time, 6:15 PM, to set up chairs, table, and flags for the meeting. (Scoutmaster or adult who opens gym will officiate)
  2. 2 pts. awarded for every scout in a non-setup patrol that arrives at 6:15 to help out.

NOTE:  Points will not be awarded if scouts show up but do not help out.



  1. Three, two, or one point may be awarded to the first, second and third placed teams awarded based on patrol’s performance in the Inter Patrol activity at the discretion of the Patrol Points Coordinator.  If event is not structured in any way, PPC has the right to not award any points.



  1. 1.      Points will be awarded for special games and activities (e.g. Scavenger Hunt, Dodgeball) to the winning patrol and 2nd place patrol.  Number of points will be established and communicated PRIOR to event by PPC.

2 Responses to “Patrol Points”

  1. r. gus bean Says:

    what does the patrol get who has the most pts?
    how long the pts system last 6, 12 mo,?
    my name it gus bean and am involve with troop 257 of overland park ks. my
    email is thanks for the great work you do and
    good luck with the troop.

  2. cjlandy24 Says:

    An amazing and wonderful reward that has not been decided upon, but will but at least as good as a paintball trip for the winning patrol.

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