On Sunday, June 3rd the troop and I did a 20+ mile hike on the Old Croton Aqueduct trail. We started at 7:30 A.M. from the Croton Gorge Park in Croton on the Hudson and finished at Untermyer Park in Yonkers. The Croton Aqueduct trail follows the route of the Old Croton Aqueduct, which carried water to New York City from 1842 to 1955. The hike was tough and took all day. The crew consisted of six scouts: Marco La Vecchia, Luke Stinga, David Stinga, Sebastian Proano, Andrew Mager, and James Rhor. There were also three adults: Vince La Vecchia, Alex Proano, and Robert Stinga. We started our hike by the beautiful New Croton Dam. As we went on we traveled through trees, backyards, towns, and schools. Along the hike, there was Weir Chambers. These Weir Chambers were used to control the flow of the water for repairs, inspections or to completely drain the line. Also, ventilators were all over the trail and each scout would touch them for good luck. We ate lunch by the soccer field and we were able to watch a game. It was fun to walk throw the all eleven different communities. We ended with a satisfying walk through Untermyer park, a familiar place for past Eagle projects of Troop 5. Photos: