A Boy Scout Troop is led by boys under the supervision of adults.

Troop Committee

The Troop Committee oversees the Troop, selects the Scoutmaster, and supports the Scoutmaster in delivering a quality troop program and handling troop administration.  The roles of the Troop Committee members are described at: http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Troop_Committee

Troop Committee Members are:

  • Chairman: Ron Mager
  • Advancement & Merit Badges: Vince LaVecchia
  • Order of The Arrow Coordinator: Vince LaVecchia
  • Treasurer: Brian Modesitt 
  • Chartering and ScoutManage: Bill Rizzo
  • Training: 
  • Boards of Review: Michael Crinieri
  • Reformed Church Representative: Tracy Tarry
  • Community Service Liaison: Margeret Mager 
  • Courts of Honor: Bob McCann
  • 2019 Camp Read Manager: Jon Denfeld
  • Webmaster Assistant: Alex Proano
  • Ellen Politi – Troop Committee Member; Certified Catholic Religious Emblem Counselor
  • John Politi – Troop Committee Member; Certified Catholic Religious Emblem Counselor

Scoutmaster and Assistants

The Scoutmaster is responsible for helping the scouts with their planning of the year’s program so the scouts are given adequate opportunity to advance in rank and complete merit badges.  The Scoutmaster “leads the leaders” by guiding, supporting, training, and providing adult supervision to the junior leaders.  The Scoutmasters role is described at:  http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Scoutmaster

The Scoutmaster is supported by Assistant Scoutmasters. The Assistant Scoutmasters role is described at: http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Assistant_Scoutmaster

The Scoutmaster and Assistants are:

Scoutmaster: Jon Denfeld

Assistant Scoutmasters:

  • Ron Mager
  • Vince LaVecchia
  • Alex Proano
  • Peter Phillips

Boy Leaders

Boy Scouts with leadership positions are referred to “Junior Leaders” or “Green Bars” (because of the leadership patches that feature green bars) and are responsible for running troop meetings and outdoor activities under the supervision of the adult leaders.  Collectively these junior leaders form the “Patrol Leaders Council”.  The roles of the junior leaders are described at: http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Positions_of_Responsibility

The members of the Patrol Leaders Council are:

  • SPL:Giovanni LaVechia
  • ASPL: Marco LaVecchia
  • ASPL: Ben Mehler
  • ASPL: Sebastien Proano
  • Bugler:Jeffrey Modesitt
  • Quartermaster:James Rhee
  • Guide:Kenneth Taylor
  • Guide:Peter Vorbach
  • Historian:Charles Hodulik
  • Den Chief:
  • Leave no Trace Instructor:JP Denfeld
  • OA Rep:Eric Modesitt
  • Community Service Coordinator:Frances Segarra
  • Webmaster: David Stinga
  • Chaplain’s Aide:Luke Stinga
  • Scribe:Isaiah Weir

The Troop is organized into Patrols that are led by the boys. The Troop currently has 4 Patrols:

Cobra Patrol

  • Patrol Leader:Billy Rizzo
  • Asst. Patrol Leader:James Rohr

Shark Patrol

  • Patrol Leader:Michael Krajniczyn
  • Asst. Patrol Leader:Christian Kirchmann

Hawk Patrol

  • Patrol Leader:Paul Hodulik
  • Asst. Patrol Leader:Mack Layton

Ram Patrol

  • Patrol Leader:Austin Lawless
  • Asst. Patrol Leader:John Rizzo

The Troop is organized into Patrols that are led by the boys.  The Troop currently has 4 Patrols:

Order of the Arrow

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. Founded in 1915, it uses American Indian traditions and ceremonies to bestow recognition on Scouts selected by their peers as best exemplifying the Scout Oath and Scout Law in their daily lives. Inducted members are known as Arrowmen or brothers and are organized into local youth-led lodges for fellowship and the rendering of service to Boy Scout councils and their communities.

The purpose of the Order of the Arrow is fourfold:

  • To recognize those Scout campers who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such a manner as to warrant recognition
  • To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit
  • To promote Scout camping, which reaches its greatest effectiveness as a part of the unit’s camping program, both year-round and in the summer camp, as directed by the local council’s camping committee
  • To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others

Our Arrowmen are:

  • Marco La Vecchia
  • Mack Layton
  • James Rohr
  • Xavier Layton
  • John Layton (adult)
  • Jon Denfeld (adult)

For privacy reasons, email/phone details are not available on the web site.

If a scout or a parent, or prospective scout or prospective parent is interested in visiting or has any questions, please contact the Scoutmaster by sending an email to “scoutmaster @troop5.net” (using the “@” symbol instead of the word “at”).