What is the Eagle Award?

The Eagle Award is the greatest achievement of a Boy Scout. It is a permanent award that is carried for life. It is respected by people throughout America for the challenges and incredible self leadership that has gone into earning it. It requires a commitment and a plan that spans years and requires hundreds of hours of labor. It represents the kind of character that is built through companionship,  responsibility, and self improvement. It is a symbol of  young leaders who have gone above and beyond to  improve themselves and help others do the same.

Troop 5 Eagle Scouts

▪ Obehioye Matthew Adubor

▪ Steven Ahmuty

▪ Adam Bertocci

▪ Patrick Rohan Bisconti

▪ Kevin Bisconti

▪ Robert F. Bisconti

▪ Steve Bowen

▪ Elliott Bratsch

▪ George K. “Trey” Brazil

▪ Savino David Brusco

▪ Edmund “Teddy” Carey

▪ Christopher Carley

▪ Brian Paul Chrystal

▪ Anthony James Crinieri

▪ Joe Crisci

▪ Jason Cushman

▪ Timothy Cushman

▪ Bradley H. Davies

▪ Matthew Delaney

▪ Michael Donohue

▪ John C. Duke

▪ Luke T. Dutton

▪ Austin D. Engros

▪ Michael Jason Feldman

▪ Will Folberth

▪ Gary Giangola

▪ Clark Nicholas Gordon

▪ Bradley D. Gordon

▪ Charles Gray

▪ Erik Gustafson

▪ Owen Dennis Hayes

▪ Justin Hoak

▪ Michael Hubert

▪ Steven Ircha Jr.

▪ David Jackson

▪ Peter Jaglom

▪ Christopher C. Janney

▪ Nicholas E. Janney

▪ Chris Johnson

▪ Lynn M. Kau

▪ Michael Krajniczyn

▪ Christopher Joseph Landy

▪ Michael Patrick Landy

▪ Clay Layton

▪ Ed Lennon

▪ Michael Mayer

▪ John Bernard “Jack” McCann

▪ William L. McGough

▪ Charles H. C. Meyer

▪ Eric Modesitt

▪ Colin Morrison

▪ Nolan B. Morrison

▪ Timothy D. Morrison

▪ Robert G. “Bobby” O’Connor

▪ Shane Patrick O’Neill

▪ Jack O’Neill

▪ Luke Patterson

▪ Joseph Pfeister

▪ John Pfeister

▪ Nicholas Jazz Politi

▪ Alexander Steven Primavera

▪ William Ferdinand Rabsey

▪ Carl D. Ranieri

▪ John M. Ranieri

▪ Clayton Sanderson

▪ Kent Sanderson

▪ Karsten Schnier

▪ Coulter Smith

▪ Dillon W. V. Smith

▪ Cameron David Smith

▪ William Jerome Stoeffhaas

▪ Jonathan Sturr

▪ William Burnwell Tarry IV

▪ Kenneth Taylor

▪ Asgede Teckie

▪ James David Tubridy

▪ Daniel Anthony Tucci

▪ Peter von Burchard

▪ Charles Vorbach

▪ Timothy Genero Weir

▪ Alexander Wilford Wood

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