August 2017
This page chronicles the Camp Read activities


It was a great first day at Camp Read. First of all the weather has been great. Clear skies, sunny and in the upper 80s. The scouts’ check-in to camp was fairly fast compared to other years. Thanks to Ron and the parents who submitted all the proper forms in advance. The scouts had a swim test and had the opportunity to take a quick tour of the camp facilities.  They also participated in the flag ceremony where they met the camp staff. Everybody is getting ready for a busy schedule of merit badge classes tomorrow.


Another great day at Camp Buckskin.  Scouts have been busy attending classes all day to get their merit badges while having fun, and the weather, which has been phenomenal,  is really cooperating.  It is a busy schedule for everybody and in addition to classes, scouts have to fulfill camp duties and other responsibilities.  The first-year campers are also busy trying to complete their program.  Troop 5 is having a great time.


Another great day up here in the Adirondacks.  We are in a lucky strike weather-wise, it couldn’t be better.  Scouts continue to work hard to get merit badges, and everyone is enjoying it.  We had the opportunity to use the zip line and that was a blast.  Here is a fast version video of the action.

Here are some pictures

We reached the middle of the week without any issues. Days now are flying by quickly. All scouts continue to work hard for their merit badges. First-year scouts are also having outdoor fun. During the day, our camp is empty. Everyone is doing something. Scouting Life’s good!

Scouts on track to get their badges. Some scouts started to wonder about the adventure ending soon. By now, scouting camp is a fun routine.

It’s hard to believe that it all came to an end so soon. Scouts had many accomplishments and adventures this week. Time flew by so fast, but the memories of Camp Read 2017 will be with us forever.