We just got back from Tamarack and I want to report back to you. (See the photos page on the web site for pictures.)

The scouts had the best time.

The Tamarack Preserve is a Sportman’s club which is very exclusive.
They sure gave us the royal treatment.

When we arrived, they had 5 instructors teaching ours boys the ropes of firearm handling.
They had those instructors with the boys from beginning to end each day.
We learned the proper use of 22’s, shotguns, and archery equipment. We even learned how to shoot sporting clays.

At lunch break, we had wonderful lunches awaiting us on fine white linen tablecloths
right at the clubhouse.

Next we hiked to our campsite or should I say Shangrala.

The Tamarack provided us with  two cabins.

The lake cabin was half covered and half uncovered right on the lake.
This is where our boys sat on Adirondack chairs and chatted and whittled.
At the other side of this cabin was a wood burning fireplace where the boys warmed up at night.

The other cabin was built for the club like something out of Field and Stream. It was gorgeous. It was a log cabin with overstuffed chairs and gas lighting. It was overlooking the dam and waterfall. It was here that the boys played cards (old maid I think) and shared their war stories of the day.

Young scouts and older scouts got along famously. They played all sorts of outdoor games and ran around the fields until the sun went down and then some. It was such a pleasure to watch and listen to.  You should all be so proud.

For dinner, the boys worked hard on earning their cooking requirements.They made burgers and stew and all sorts of goodies.  Some of the new scouts even warmed up fresh apple slices and covered them with caramel and graham crackers. I am please to say the cooking was delightful.  The bigger delight is that the scouts all shared what they had with each other.  It was like watching Little House on the Prairie.

Next it was bedtime and the scouts all retreated to their tents and sleeping bags.

The next morning we woke, had breakfast, and the shooting sports started all over again.

Yes, white linen table cloths for lunch again.

I look forward to doing his again next year.

For those scouts that couldn’t make it this year, we hope you join us next year.


Steve Ircha Sr.