At the last PLC meeting, Mr. Landy reviewed some important themes for Troop 5 as we look toward 2011.  There were three principal messages that will tie into how we should try to conduct ourselves in the New Year and each will be important as we seek new levels of advancement.  While we all enjoy having a good time, we want to make sure we get the most out of our scouting experience.  Most importantly, the themes of Leadership, Participation and Making Our Meetings Fun and Exciting will make us better scouts and will further strengthen our troop.

The first key message is…

1.     Leadership

Good leaders set good examples for the troop in a number of ways. They should be excited and motivated by scouting.  They don’t just go through the motions.  They demonstrate good character by serving as an example and by being held accountable for their actions and their responsibilities.  If you sign up for something, follow through by executing and communicating.  Come to meetings prepared and everyone will have more fun.  If you are having difficulty understanding what you are supposed to be doing or what your responsibilities are, talk to your patrol leader, to me, or to an adult leader.  Leadership begins with good planning which leads me to

2.     Productive Meetings

We all like to have fun at meetings. More focus at our meetings will lead to more activities which leads to more fun.  That means less horsing around and more productivity and scout spirit.  Meetings will help us develop skills to become better leaders and advance in rank.  Developing skills will help us in activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing….you get the point.  We all need to work together and we can achieve this through

3.     Active Participation

We all need to participate in our troop in order to get the most out of Scouting.  Participation in various activities has been lagging.  This past year we’ve had opportunities to kayak, mountain climb, canoe in the Adirondacks, hike, attend the National Jamboree, and the list goes on.  Looking ahead, there is scuba diving, winter camping, historical trips, Tamarack, New York’s highest mountain and summer camp.  Don’t be one of the ones who wished he gone on any of these trips — Sign up and go!!  Participation and contribution make us stronger, not weaker, as we move along in scouting.

These are the days we will one day look back on.  So let’s make the best of them.  Won’t you join me in this opportunity to grow, create and enjoy?

Christopher Carley