On Friday January 28, 15 scouts and 8 dads left Bronxville for the annual ski weekend at Gore Mountain. We drove up in three brand new SUVs provided by Council. The SUV’s were all black and we looked like part of the secret service. Half way up we had a delicious dinner at a rest stop along the way. Later that evening we arrived at the Boy Scout Farmhouse.

The farmhouse was located at Camp Read where we camped last summer. The winter sports staff, like in past years, was very helpful and hospitable. The weekend included a a professional cook on staff who cooks great breakfasts and dinners. For breakfast we had pancakes, french toast, bacon and sausages. Some us us wanted to stay forever. For dinner we had roasted chicken parts, mashed potatoes, and a veggie. Lunches were bagged and included 2 sandwiches, an apple, a drink, and a snack.

The camp has a volunteer staff who were incredibly helpful and provided information about the mountain, ski lessons, and rental equipment. They thought of everything down to the finest paid detail and helped us get to the mountain in the morning.

On Saturday, some of the scouts took lessons although most scouts and parents ended up hitting the slopes on either skis or “boards”. It had snowed about a foot and the conditions were great all day Saturday. After dinner on Saturday we had a movie night (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) and topped it off with ice cream sundaes.

On Sunday, we awoke to even more snow which improved the conditions with the freshest of powder. We skied until 1:00 and then met up at the SUV’s for our departure.

During the weekend, the scouts used some free time teaching themselves First Class requirements and sharing good times. The Dads had a great time overseeing the boys and getting to know each other better.

Given how much fun everyone had, this sure seems like a trip we’ll repeat every year!

Steve Ircha, Sr.