Assateague was a really great trip and a big learning experience for everyone who went. We saw wild horses and had a great time in the sand. We were camped on a massive sand dune right next to the water. We dug holes, swam in thunderous surf, clammed, kayaked, surf fished, crabbed, flew rain flaps in the wind, had a great cookout on the each featuring burgers, hot dogs, vegetable kabobs and pre-packaged s’mores(courtesy of Mr. Segarra). We had an absolutely amazing time.

We also learned a lot when a massive storm blew in. Even though we could see the storm, we kept putting off preparing.  By the time we were starting it was too late. The storm was here and lighting was striking. We had to retreat to the cars. A lot of food, gear, and even tents were lost. Half of us had to sleep in the cars that night, because our tents were either too wet or had blown down the Maryland surf: A major learning experience to say the least. Next time we’ll bring sandspikes and started battening down the hatches a little sooner!

Although the next morning everything was wet we hung it up, straightened our tents, and cleaned up the campsite. A lot of people would have gone home, but not Troop 5. In fact we had a beautiful day at the beach.

By Charlie Vorbach