The day started out well, it was sunny and everyone was excited to go out and see the New York City fireboat. Mr. Chrystal set up the trip and we met at the church before heading out. When about 20 scouts and parents arrived we noticed the size and power of the boat. First, we went around the boat looking at all the different gadgets onboard. There were water and foam cannons, and infrared cameras. We learned what kind of situations the boat could handle and what safety precautions had to be taken. We then entered the inside of the boat and could see things like chemical precautions, such as chemical showers and Hazmat suits. Then, the tour split up into two groups, one went upstairs to the pilot’s area and the other group went down to the engineering room. Down stairs we were amazed, there were four massive engines and all kinds of pipes, levers, monitors, and switches. Upstairs, was where the steering and controlling of the ship took place. There were many cool things there too. This was where everything could be monitored and taken care of. Unfortunately, our day was soon over. We all had a great time due to the opportunity and awesomeness of the boat.

By Brian Crystal