Troop 5 participated in a volunteer effort to help Habitat for Humanity last October 8.  The concept of the organization is to build decent and affordable housing for the needy families through volunteer work and donations from private citizens and other not-profit organizations.

The first thing that we did when we got to the site, was to take out large bags of trash from the house we were going to help take down.  Once the bags were loaded into the van, some scouts and parents took them to the dumpster.  The rest of the scouts stayed and continued putting the rest of the trash in bags, until all the trash were gone.

Next, we were given hammers and tomahawks to break down pieces of walls of the house.  We were given masks and gloves to protect ourselves from debris.  We then gathered pieces of woods and other debris and placed them in bags.  It was hard work but fun.

The representatives from the organization were grateful and appreciated the work that we did.


By Will Rabsey