On November 5, 2011 we left for the trip it was a couple of hours to get there.  When we got there we got our stuff and took a five minute walk to the camp grounds through a little horse trail that looked like the spot where the headless horseman rode down. At the camp grounds we dropped our bags and pitched the tents. Mr. Rabsey already had a fire started and so we sat all around it when we were done pitching our tents. That’s really all we did till dinner. For dinner that night both the patrols had pasta and then Andrew Walter-McNeil did a trick with a piece of spaghetti. Ask someone who went on the trip for the details. Then we sat around the camp fire warming are hands and talked.

The next morning Mr. Rabsey used his mouth to wake us up by going “doo-doo-doo-do-do-do-dooo all scouts wake up.” Most of us got up, took down the tents, and sat by the fire that Tim Weir and Mr. Rabsey set up early in the morning. We were told that that night it was 22 degrees and in the morning it was only 25 degrees. For breakfast we had packaged oatmeal, Oreo Pop-Tarts and hot chocolate. Then the guide for our rock climbing came. His name was Tie. He drove us to the climbing site and then we got our harnesses and climbing shoes on. After that we walked about 200 feet to the wall. The wall was named the bunk-bed which was a forty foot face. After we got there they demonstrated the knot for climbing called the eight knot with a follow through. We made a double fisherman’s knot as the finishing safety knot. We got some of the requirements signed off for the rock climbing merit badge. Andrew Walter-McNeil, Jack McCann, and I Tommy Meade climbed up the mountain blind folded. While we were there we rappelled down a side, climbed up rock faces, and belayed each other. This trip is probably going to be my favorite because it showed me that I’m not afraid of heights.


By Tommy Meade