Orienteering Report – November 28, 2011

On Saturday, November 19, we went orienteering at Durland Reservation. There were some ROTC people there.  Orienteering is when we use maps and a compass to guide us through the woods.

We started out with an easy coarse, which was the yellow course, but it was still cold.  We had nine flags to find and each flag had a hole puncher attached to it.

On our maps we had traced out a course from a master map.  Once we got to one flag and finished punching a little yellow card, we would align north on the compass with north on the map and see which direction the next flag was. When we found the next flag, we punched a little yellow card in the box that corresponded with the number on the flag.

We were timed on how fast we finished the course.  Everyone got stuck on the third flag, because it was behind a rock wall and had fallen down. Overall it was a really fun trip and I think everyone would enjoy it.

By Kenny Taylor