On Friday night 18 boys and 7 dads took a five hour drive up to Camp Read.  This time it was not to go for summer camp, it was to ski!  We all stayed on the camp grounds in the handy-craft room – a little cramped, but we managed.   The next morning we had to get up at six-thirty to get ready to go skiing.  Before we went on the road to get to the mountain we went to a farmhouse a mile away to get breakfast from chef Joe(the chef from Camp Read).   After all of that, it was about eight-thirty, time to get on the road.   We had to drive 45 minutes just to get to the mountain so we arrived at nine-fifteen.  When we all got our skis and boots, we all met up to get some of the drills done for the winter snow-sports merit badge.   Then some of us spilt into groups and some of us went to take a lesson.  We skied and snowboarded for a long time and then at twelve o’clock we all met up to have bagged lunches that were packed for us by chef Joe.  When we were all finished, we spilt back up into groups and skied and snowboarded some more.   The really advanced group even went on the 2nd steepest trail on the east coast called Lies.  We were going to go on the steepest trail on the east coast, but it was too icy so it was closed.


Gore Mountain has the biggest vertical slope on the east coast.  We skied and snowboarded long and hard that day and didn’t leave the mountain until three o’clock in the afternoon.  We then got back to the cabin at about four o’clock where we showered, got dressed, and got ready for dinner.  We drove to the farmhouse and ate dinner there.  Later , we watched the movie Anchorman, and had ice-cream sundaes before hitting the hay at 10:00.

On Sunday morning we got up at 6:30 and started packing up all of our stuff, so we could leave immediately after we went skiing.  After we finished our morning’s merit badge requirements, we split up again into groups. We skied until twelve o’clock and then returned all of our rental gear and headed home. Overall I think it was one of the most fun trips of the year.


By Anthony Crinieri