We left right after school on Friday, October, 5th from the reformed Church with 15 boys and had a long car ride up to Camp Read.  We stayed there overnight and slept in the “Farmhouse,” which was a small house with some bunk-beds.  The next morning,  we had a great breakfast of eggs, bacon, and orange juice and headed to get the canoes.  We got very thin canoes made out of Kevlar so they were light and fast.  This was perfect for the portages, or hikes from lake to river or vice versa, where we had to carry the canoes on our shoulders.  We set off from the canoe rental place and went through a few lakes with a couple of portages in between.  We finally stopped and camped out on an island in the middle of a big lake.  We had some good food, and hung out around a campfire for a while before going to bed early.  Mr. Landy had a rough night without a sleeping bag  but luckily he was prepared with many layers of warm clothing to get him through the night.  The next day we woke up early, ate, and got ready to leave.  We had a run-in with the park ranger, which was a lot of “fun.”  We got in trouble for having a over-sized group.  He talked to us for a while, and then we moved on, and had a good day of canoeing.  In the end we decided to leave and not stay the third night because the ranger said we would have to split into two groups and camp a mile apart.  Overall it was a great trip, and the scenery, and fall foliage was amazing.  I would definitely recommend that everyone goes on this trip if we do it again.
By: Jason Cushman