Bicycling Day Trip


It was a warm sunny day when the first cycling trip for the cycling merit badge began. It was a difficult trek of about 25 miles with some challenging hills. The trip began in Tuckahoe when a few scouts and parents began their long journey to Valhalla at the Kensico Dam. First, the scouts went over bicycle safety and they checked their bikes for the ride. Along the way there were occasional stops for water and rest but other than that is was an uneventful trip. When everyone reached the dam, they ate a good, wholesome lunch to reenergize. Afterwards, everyone traveled back to complete one part of their cycling merit badge.


Scout Field Trip


The scout field camporee was a new experience that had some bumps along the way. Our troop was the first one to be settled in with our tents pitched and fire going. More than ten troops were scheduled to come but only about 3 showed up. Activities were a little disorganized but the adult leaders still tried to hold things together. Activities included fire building, first aid, walking machine, and knots. The troop cooked by patrol and duties were given out to individual scouts. The evening campfire was hosted inside the scout cabin and included skits and awards. Our troop got first and third place in the human walking machine. As the festivities came to an end we had our own campfire inside of our portable stove. The next morning we left before 11 am and said our goodbyes.


Ice Climbing Trip


The Ice Climbing Trip was an amazing experience that I hope many scouts will be able to attend next year. We stayed in a hostel about 20 minutes from the actual site and right next door to the outfitters. We were fortunate enough to have an actual certified chef come and cook our meals. From omelette casserole to 6 hour roasted pork. The guides were very experienced and helpful with making sure we were prepared for climbing. We received specialized boots, carabiners, harnesses, and helmets for our endeavors. Once at the climbing wall three people at a time were allowed to climb the three walls. Ice climbing is a tiring yet fun activity that test your muscles endurance and your aerobic strength. We climbed for two days before leaving the beautiful Lake Placid Area.


Six Flags Trip with the Webelos


On April 19 to April 21 the troop attended the Six Flags campout. On this trip, about six scouts from our troop attended along with Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Landy. When we first arrived, we had dinner and then began setting up tents before it got dark. We learned the correct way to set them up and made sure that all of them had all of their pieces. We also learned how to correctly set up a new tarp that was bought. On the second day the Webelos arrived. Our goal was to help them feel comfortable and welcome in our troop. There were about six Webelos there. We spent our day going on rides and conversing with them. They soon became more comfortable and had a lot of fun. On Sunday we took down the tents and again made sure they had all the pieces and were put away correctly. We did a police line, but found no trash because that Webelos cleaned up the night before.