Ski Trip

The boys were picked up by the council Yukons. Clay’s mother stopped by to deliver a cake for his surprise birthday party. We successfully hid the cake in a black bag that was said to be “ for after dinner”. On our way up to Gore Mountain we shared jokes, stories and stopped at rest stops until we finally arrived. Everyone got ready for bed and a great day of skiing ahead. 6:00 A.M. Finally , The scouts prepared for the great day ahead. We grabbed our lunches and got into the Yukons. Experienced scouts started off by going on trails while the beginners took classes with instructors. By the end of the class we knew the proper way to ski. Then everyone had their lunch eventually and we left at 4;00. When we went back to our cabins in camp read we watched movies, had Clay’s surprise party, then went off to bed. At the crack of dawn everyone packed up and headed over to Gore for the last time. After 4 hours of skiing everyone headed back to Bronxville.

Giovanni La Vecchia