The Assateauge camping trip was very fun. We went to the Maryland-Virginia border, and camped out and pitched tents. We got there at around seven o’clock. It took about five hours to get there. This was the first camping trip for some of the scouts who just recently joined, so they learned how to pitch tents. That night we just ate mashed potatoes with beef. We couldn’t do much that day because we had just got there in the late afternoon. The next morning we ate and couple of hours later we went two person kayaking because some of us, the new scouts had not enough strength. After that we came back, changed then in about an hour we got ready to go biking. We rented bikes nearby and bicycled around the park, and on the road. We also visited the lighthouse nearby, and saw wild horses. When we came back we cooked for a while because we were making sloppy Jose for everyone. Every one had helped at least a little in the cooking, and they turned out to be so warm and tasty. We made these in a dutch oven. The next day we packed up and got ready to leave. I loved this trip but the only thing I wanted to see was to, have more scouts come.