Everyone enjoyed Gettysburg. The first day we arrived, we left right after school, drove for six hours and pitch our tents in the cold and at night. The campsite we chose was the Daniel Lady Farm which held a skirmish between the rebels and the Union Army served as a Confederate field hospital during the battle. Confederate soldiers either died or had a limb cut off in the Hospital. They buried the limbs and corpses along the campsite and GBPA (Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association) repaired the barn to look the same as it did in the 1800’s. It gave the barn a ghostly appearance. The second day, we had egg and sausage burrito that Mikey Bartley cooked for us. Then we hiked 11 miles around Gettysburg town and village seeing all kinds of monuments ,cannons and where the real battle took place. On our way back to the campsite we watched a parade of rein actors of both armies march through Gettysburg and perform a ceremony of all Union, Confederate, and present United States. The second day we collected new firewood for the GBPA received an award from the rein actors, and they gave us a tour of the Barn. We saw the hospital “beds”(just doors on top of hay) and got a gruesome image of what happened to the wounded soldiers. Afterwards, we returned home to always remember how cold it was and what happened there.