On Sunday, June 3rd the troop and I did a 20+ mile hike on the Old Croton Aqueduct trail. We started at 7:30 A.M. from the Croton Gorge Park in Croton on the Hudson and finished at Untermyer Park in Yonkers. The Croton Aqueduct trail follows the route of the Old Croton Aqueduct, which carried water to New York City from 1842 to 1955. The hike was tough and took all day. The crew consisted of six scouts: Marco La Vecchia, Luke Stinga, David Stinga, Sebastian Proano, Andrew Mager, and James Rhor. There were also three adults: Vince La Vecchia, Alex Proano, and Robert Stinga. We started our hike by the beautiful New Croton Dam. As we went on we traveled through trees, backyards, towns, and schools. Along the hike, there was Weir Chambers. These Weir Chambers were used to control the flow of the water for repairs, inspections or to completely drain the line. Also, ventilators were all over the trail and each scout would touch them for good luck. We ate lunch by the soccer field and we were able to watch a game. It was fun to walk throw the all eleven different communities. We ended with a satisfying walk through Untermyer park, a familiar place for past Eagle projects of Troop 5. Photos:

May 18, 2018- Most of those in attendance arrive. We left from the church parking lot at 3, spent an eternity driving, and found ourselves there at 7. It was a weird feeling because it was still light out, as that what happens in spring. Not all of us could have made it on that day, though. That night it was only the Denfeld Brothers and their dad, The myself, my little brother and dad, the Meruccio Brothers, their dad, Austin Lawless, and Issac ‘I-can’t-rmember-his-last-name’ along with his dad. Hunter Denfeld made mac and cheese for the kids while my dad cooked the adults some jambalaya. No tents for this trip, lean to-s only. The younger scouts (Everyone except the La Vecchias) earned their fireman chit that night.

May 19- The Proanos (father and son) arrived very early in the morning to settle in. I cooked the troop some mountain man breakfast along with Hunter denfeld, who coincidentally made mountain man too. After eating and preparing for heavy rain, we set out for the fort. Me, being a bad scout yet resourceful, forgot rain gear and made a makeshift poncho out of a trash bag. I wore that the whole day as we traveled the fort, learning about it’s rich history as a French, British, and American fort along with it’s service in three different wars. The reenactors made us march like real soldiers from that time, later they would reenact not just musket fire but cannon fire as well. Rain refused to stop us as we not only looked at a piece of American history, but enjoyed the amazing views, gardens, and homemade meals. When we returned to camp, I found out that I had a raincoat the whole time and did not need to wear the trashbag at all. It was okay, because once again Hunter Denfeld did not disappoint us with the food, cooking burgers, hot dogs, and bringing 3 full bags of family sized chips. Many stories and laughs were shared.

May 20- Guess who made us pancakes and bacon? Hunter. The bacon was great, the pancakes were alright, and the weather was horrible. It had rained harder than the day before, which encouraged a swift pack-out. The only thing which slowed us down was explaining the trash sweep to the younger scouts. We had to sweep three times…

Not even 10 minutes driving from the campsite, Mr. Proano had a flat tire, and we stopped at a local outlet mall to buy food, discount camping gear, and coffee. We fixed the tire with ease and continued to go home. I had to drop Austin at his house, after that my family returned home to hot bowls of pasta, and some vanilla ice cream in the fridge.

Giovanni La Vecchia

Philmont practice hike #2 was an exciting and very challenging adventure, and all scouts of Troop 5 who participated did a great job.

Troop 5 hiked the Colonial Greenway trail, which winds through roads, woods and wetlands of Westchester. Great job to all who participated. It was a great experience.

Congratulations to our nine Scouts who advanced rank and all of those who received merit badges!! A big thank you to all who serve our community, our patrol leaders, senior scouts, and adult leadership. We are proud of our Troop!

A Scout is reverent. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion. On Sunday Feb. 4th, some members of Troop 5 had their opportunity to show reverence to God and their Catholic faith.